The wanna-bes who just talk too much…

You know what pisses me off the most?
People who talk too damn much, they love to talk all the time but come short.

I bust my ass day in and out just to push the limit of audio to new heights, put in my whole life.
Just because some people can’t give a shit the same way that I do, doesn’t mean that I really care for their lost.

What lost I’m talking about?
The lost that one has when one has not done the best he could and would to push the envelope.
Over the past year, I’ve devoted my time and life into pushing new limits, finding ways to create value in products that people do not even appreciate.
Cross boundaries and climb through hoops just to make it happen.

I find the fucking gems in the rough and polish them out.
And some wanna-bes want to be a dick head and be a show off over nothing, that’s laudable but utterly pathetic.

Oops, did that come out too strong? But you know which people I’m talking about.

I see it all the time, from the establish adults to kids.
It grosses me out each time, they call themselves “enthusiast”.. why? Cause they have no clue what it is to enjoy a hobby.
Yet they want to claim authority and lord over everyone else and act like a prick, just because they want to feel special..tsk grow already mate.

It is an insult to me and those who really appreciate good music and good sound to know that people based their opinion on others.
Do they have any other experience other than reading forums posts? Well in short, if eyes could hear and pigs could fly, yeah maybe?
So I have made a decision.. if you can’t believe what I say, then I’ll show it to you.

If you think you can dispute whatever I say as mere allegations, come and experience it for yourself.
I’m not angry for the record, just musing over the past week’s activities on my modded Fostex T50RP and thinking of all the friends and fans and customers I’ve made for the past year.

Thinking about the work that I’ve done and all the smiles and appreciation I’ve gotten, that fuel me to continue this madness that some wannabe cannot fathom even one single bit.
That keeps me going everyday, and makes me very happy to continue my work.. well I don’t really consider it work but for the sake of formalities, let’s call it that.
Though I’d like to think I’m mad, but I think there are people more crazy than me.

And to you whom insanity is prevalent in this hobby, I salute you because words cannot describe the euphoria you get that I can understand.
Which is why I am in this with you all the way and jumping off the deep end.

Without you I won’t exist, and without me.. well you guys just won’t enjoy it a little bit more… icon wink The wanna bes who just talk too much...